Millennial Homes

Gen Y - A Force to Reckon with...

Millennials are the new force to reckon with, these are the people who are shaping the country in new & innovative ways like never before. These are the new movers & shakers that are shaping the New India. Truly speaking, they are creating the Real Freedom for India or should we say the entire world, by bringing about the digital applications that set people free of time & space. Kudos to Gen Y !!


While the Gen Y is busy creating new age digital tools for all. At Emaar Digi Homes, Homes have been created that suite the needs of Gen Y perfectly. All said & done, one would still live in a home made of brick & mortar, no matter how technologically advanced we get. What is definitely changing is the homes that have been created for the Millennials at Digi Homes. Here are 20 innovative thoughts on why Digi Homes are perfect homes for Millennials who are on their success journey. These are the new age millionaires and billionaires who appreciate quality living and would like to enjoy modern, contemporary homes without getting attached to them with homes that offer the nimbleness to move from one place to another with ease and without much fuss.


After a lot of research into the aspirations of Gen Y, we believe, there are these 20 features offered at Digi Homes that resonate perfectly well with The Millennials.

20 Reasons why Digi Homes Luxury 2 BHK fits perfectly well as Millennial Homes