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In some cases, you may not be finding the appropriate location of a specific apartment within Emaar Digi Homes as a direct booking to the company, especially, if you have started exploring Digi Homes at a late stage or at a stage when the property is ready to move, for this, we have a Resale Team that can assist you in finding an apartment of your choice and your preferred floor within the Digi Homes Community. If such be the case, you can simply fill out the small contact form to get the best offers of Digi Homes in Resale or Resale Deals at Digi Homes through us. 

What does Resale Transaction actually mean? Just for clarity, it is better to understand what Resale means, well, there are many terms for these kind of transactions, in some places, it is called Secondary Market Transaction, Resale Transaction, Open Market Transaction and many other names. Essentially, what it means is that you are acquiring the property from the open market and not directly from the developer. This option would need to be exercised typically arises in these few scenarios:

  1.  If the project is completely sold out, the only way to acquire a property in that case is in the Resale Market/Secondary Market.

  2. If the specific floor or direction of property is not available with the developer. In such case, you may find a seller in the open market, who has the specific apartment location that matches your requirements and you can acquire it in the Resale Market.

The Resale Team is equipped to offer you the inventory that is available through other sellers of Digi Homes and can take you through the entire process of property acquisition smooth and convenient. You can be assured of transparency and quality handling of the transaction when you go through our Resale Team.

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Emaar Digi Homes Resale Deals

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