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Emaar Digi Homes - Is it located close to Work Spaces?

Emaar Digi Homes location is actually truly amazing, not only it is very close to the Golf Course Road & DLF Cyber Park and other important commercial locations, where most of the people work in Gurgaon, but also the distinct advantage of being close to the newer commercial buildings and upcoming SEZs that are located on the Golf Course Extn. Road. So much so, that some of the most price commercial buildings on the Golf Course Extn. Road like AIPL Business Club is actually just outside Digi Homes, making it possible to walk to work as well.

Choosing a home that is close to the commercial hubs, and yet tucked away in a peaceful location is one of the paramount factors in choosing the right home. You definitely do not want to spend the extra hours driving to work and back, the same time, you rather spend on doing things that you like.


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