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Emaar Digi Homes - Does it have enough Open Green Spaces?

No matter what, one thing that remains sacrosanct is the power of mother nature to heal and rejuvenate the mind, body & soul. It's simply just special. The fact remains that just spending a few minutes every day in nature can in itself be super healing and rejuvenating. The connection between us and nature is probably one of the strongest of the bonds, whether we realize it or not. Emaar Digi Homes as a community has been crafted by the finest for the finest, so at no stage there is any compromise when it comes to landscaping of the community.

The best of the best talent has been hired to do this job. In fact, the team is the same which was instrumental in designing super luxury communities like DLF Magnolias & Camellias. But that's not all, dedicated zones with zero vehicular movement have been created, keeping in mind the safety, pollution control & pleasure for the residents. The design of vehicle movement at Digi Homes is interesting, every vehicle would have to necessarily go into the basement after entering the community, in fact, there is no provision of even guest parking spaces on the ground level, it has been kept strictly only as a drop off and even the guest parking is in the basement itself.


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