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Emaar Digi Homes - How to get Higher Rentals on a Residential Property?

We understand that life is dynamic these days, you may be working in Gurgaon today, but not sure where life will take you in future. So, one thing that you most certainly need is to have an asset that is not only easily rentable, but also offers higher rentals with minimal upgrades. Needless to mention, that if you do get a better opportunity in another part of the world, your apartment at Digi Homes should be able to sustain itself in mortgage as well as give you some additional income on the side.

Interestingly, the tie up done by House of Investments with Vaya Homes for Digi Homes Apartment Owners helps build a much higher rental income for your home when it is finished by Vaya Homes as an Expat Home and offered to Expats Only as a rental apartment. Not only do you end up getting almost double the rent for your apartment at Digi Homes, but also Expats tend to maintain the apartment in a much better way.

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