The 3X Advantage

Book your home at Digi Homes and get the following advantages.

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Instant Lease Guarantee

Qualtors India has gone all the way to tie up a very interesting collaboration with "Vaya Homes Pvt. Ltd.", an Expat Management Company based in Gurgaon.  Now when you book your home at Digi Homes through Qualtors India, you get an instant lease on the apartment.  This has become possible by adding this key player to connect the dots and get an instant lease on your new home immediately.

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Higher Rental Yield

With the exclusive tie up created between Qualtors India & Vaya Homes, the rental yield for a 2 Bedroom can go up to 70,000 per month and 3 bedroom to 85,000 per month. While in ordinary leasing you would end up with an expected rental of 35,000 for a 2 bedroom apartment and 45,000 for a 3 bedroom apartment.

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Signing a Contract

Best Deal Guaranteed

You are assured of the best deal promise when you are acquiring an asset like Digi Homes through a credible channel partner like Qualtors India. Being a customer centric organization, it is always our endeavour to make sure that as an investor or an end user of the property, we get you the best possible deal available in the market. Needless to mention the Insta Lease benefit with Higher Rental Yield that you get while booking your Digi Homes apartment through Qualtors India.

Smooth Handholding
till Possession

As a responsible player in the market with over 20 years of customer handling and making sure that each and every investor of ours remains as a friend and family member for generations to come, the team at Qualtors India goes the extra mile to make sure that you are always in safe hands that not only help you in acquiring an asset, but also take you through the entire process with ease and stand by you till you get possession.

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Holiday Presents

Assured Super Luxury Gifts

Gifts are always the more fulfilling part, while we offer the best of the advantages to our clients and offer the best deal in the market, we also like to share some of the finest gifts that are life enriching. You will be pleasantly surprised with some of the offerings that we have for you this festive season at Digi Homes.

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