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About Emaar Digi Homes 

Before planning to own a residential property in Gurgaon, it is important to understand the key features of the community that you plan to live in. Please take time to go through the various aspects of the features and facilities offered at Emaar Digi Homes. Make a Prudent decision on acquiring an asset in this vicinity.

Emaar Digi Homes Features

Emaar Digi Homes Location.jpg

Golf Course Extension

Golf Course Extension Road is undoubtedly coming up as one o the best areas to live and invest within Gurgaon. In fact, it is likely to become the epicenter of Gurgaon in times to come. Premium residential, commercial and hospitality landmark projects like The Grand Hyatt Hotel are just a stones throw away from Digi Homes, making this as an excellent location for both investment as well as living or times to come. Digi Homes is located just off the Golf Course Extension Road, tucked away from the noise, yet having superb connectivity.


Apart from this, Golf Course Road like underpasses have already been sanctioned and are going to make the connectivity seemless on the extn. Road. Check this link for more details on development initiatives by the government in this area.

Enhanced Exterior Aesthetics

Back Lit Facade

Keeping in sync with the current times, where lifestyle is much more important than just buying square footage of space, Digi Homes has been designed to not only be appealing on the inside but a stunning façade that is back lit to enhance the appeal and aesthetics to make sure that you like to come home proud of being an owner at Digi Homes.

For the first time in Gurgaon, this apartment façade is going to be back lit to create a vibrant & lively look and feel. The subtle colours and use of glass at various places for the exteriors adds a classy flair to the whole experience.

Aerail Night View.jpg

Quality Interiors

Choicest of Materials

Maintaining a balance between subtle appeal without overdoing things has created a balance of creative ideas amalgamated with quality craftsmanship and planning to deliver a quality living experience at Digi Homes.


Hand picked fittings from the best of the brands is a given at Digi Homes.

We encourage you to come and explore the experience first hand by visiting the Digi Homes Experience Gallery.


Not to mention What you See is What you Get !!

Smart Home Features (Optional)

Voice Enabled Homes at your command

Staying connected with the outside world is important for everyone, however, now stay connected with your own home to remotely control a host of features even when you are travelling or at office. Turn on the Air Conditioner when you start from your office and enjoy the pleasure of a welcoming home. 


While at home, control your appliances, lights, air conditioners, curtains, geysers etc through voice command with the smart home experience at Emaar Digi Homes.

Emaar Digi Homes Gurgaon
Emaar Digi Homes Club House

Resort Style Club & Recreation

3 Level Expansive 30,000 sq.ft.

Lifestyle today is not about spending quality life at home alone, but to mingle and socialize with fellow neighbours at the expansive and well curated club house spread over 3 levels of sheer luxury.


Take a dip in the weather controlled infinity pool, play your favourite sport, enjoy a fun filled evening with friends and family at the indoor/outdoor bar & restaurant a walking distance from your home.

Life is short, so make the best of it. You have earned it !!

Efficient Layouts

It’s All in the Details

Efficient planning by some of the best minds in the industry have come together to create a living experience that is functional as well as comfortable. Not just about the kind o space that you get on the inside of the apartment, but carefully planned outdoor spaces where you can spend quality time with your loved ones on the private balconies that are spacious enough to enjoy and experience a lifestyle that is fulfilling in every respect.


Invite friends over and have a barbecue bash at your own spacious private balcony.

Building Plans
Security Guard

Secured Environment

3 Tier Secured Environment

Living in a secured environment is paramount in current times. The security for Kids & the entire family is most certainly one of the most important things when it comes to choosing the right home for your family.

With the dynamic lifestyle that entails a lot of travel, living in a secured environment has become more important now that ever before. Having that peace of mind when you travel and know that your loved ones back home are safe in an environment that is well managed and technology driven.


Stay connected and aware at all times, even sitting miles away.

Privacy with Openness

 3 Side Open Apartments with 80% Greens

One of the interesting features at Digi Homes is the fact that each apartment gets the desired privacy. The design has been created in such a way that each apartment is a three side open apartment and also maintains sufficient privacy from the neighbouring apartment.

The main balcony has been designed in a way to provide utmost privacy to the residents without the disturbance from the neighbours. Also the spaced out towers offers a feeling of more openness with 80% being Greens within the community.

Balcony View.jpg
Pergola cam.jpg

Landscaping & Greens

No Vehicular Movement Zones Created for Safety.

Digi Homes boasts of a very innovative and one of the best in class Landscaped Areas. One of the premier landscape design firm "Oracle" (Who also designed the landscaping of DLF Magnolias & Camellias) is engaged in creating a masterpiece of landscaped development that would enrich your lives even more.


The idea is to enjoy both indoors and outdoors within the secured environments of Digi Homes community. Another interesting feature is that as soon as any vehicle enters the community, it would go down the ramp straight to the basement. Allowing for more secure and safe green area on the ground level for kids and adults to enjoy.

Built by the Best for the Best

Leaders in Architectural Planning

                                   Design Consultants - Morphonesis

One of the key features at Digi Homes is the fact that each apartment offers great privacy as well as remains well lit and airy. Thanks to the design by one of the leading design & architecural firm - Morphonesis, Digi Homes offers great layouts along with a superb three side open layout allowing for the much needed natural elements to be in the home.

Special mention to the 2 Bedroom Apartments, offering a luxury finish and living in this segment has been a dream for many but not many choices available. The general focus has been on creating larger apartments that are luxurious, however, Digi Homes poses a great opportunity to live a luxury lifestyle even in a 2 bedroom apartment without any compromise whatsoever is a very unique proposition in itself, this would certainly come in handy while renting out the apartments to the Expat Community for higher rental yields.

Construction Manager
Luxury Valet Service

Luxurious Double Height Arrival Lobbies

With a Luxury Hotel style drop off Porch

Arrive in style at the double height luxuriously finished lobby of your apartment block. A helpdesk set up for your security & concierge needs greets you at the lobby level.

The porch at each tower is designed to create a luxury hotel style entrance feeling for the residents and their guests. Feel the pleasure to come home to a beautifully designed lobby area that is inviting and functional at the same time.

Have a quick meeting or attend to guests that you may not want to bring up to your home at the lobby level itself.

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