Emaar Digi Homes Payment Plans

Flexible Payment Plans to suite the needs of one and all.

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Flexible Payment Plan

Emaar Digi Homes Payment Plans have been designed keeping in mind the real needs of the consumers. One of the biggest challenge that is faced by an end user who are on rent is to bear double cost of EMIs and Rent. At Emaar Digi Homes, the flexible payment plans have been designed to create freedom and keep your initial investment to the minimum so that it becomes comfortable for you to own a home with ease. Join us for a One on One conversation for us to understand your specific needs and we will make sure that we make the payment plan flexible to the best of our ability.

Get payment plans like 25% now and balance close to possession.

Construction Linked

This of course is a typical payment plan, wherein you pay construction linked payments as you watch the construction milestones being achieved at the Digi Homes Site. With each milestone getting complete, you get closer to owning and moving into your new home at Digi Homes. This is a convenient way to build an asset as you can get the comfort of paying in smaller chunks of payments based on the actual development milestones. So you can be sure that your home is on it's way to become your own.

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We are with you.

No matter what your needs are, we will work with you to make sure that we create a win-win under any circumstances. You can be assured that we will work towards customizing the payment plan for you as per your specific requirements and help you maximize your money's potential to the fullest.


Needless to mention a direct transaction and the best deal promise when you are acquiring an asset like Digi Homes through a credible channel partner like House of Investments.  You may also explore the Insta Lease benefit with Higher Rental Yield that you get while booking your Digi Homes apartment through House of Investments.

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Down Payment Plan

This is a payment plan that works well with those who have money lying in the bank earning lower interest rates or who would like to explore getting a larger discount on the overall cost of the property and get ahead of the market. Under this plan, typically, you would end up getting a rebate from Emaar subject to the stage at which the project is and you can evaluate if it makes more sense for you to acquire the property on down payment or pay in instalments, depending on the cost of money and the opportunity costs.