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Emaar Digi Homes - State of the Art Club Facilities

Emaar Digi Homes Club is definitely the heart of the community. Spread over massive 30,000 sq.ft. for only 3 towers. It is truly amazing that for only 3 towers, there is a club which is as big as some of the much larger residential communities in Gurgaon. The club facilities of course include almost everything that one would need to enjoy a superlative lifestyle.

As part of Gen Y, we understand that it is all about experiences and less about calculations of how much money, savings & asset growth etc. Living a fuller life is a much bigger priority than anything else. Residents Club in any community plays a vital role in defining the lifestyle that the residents are likely to enjoy. The more vibrant it is, the better. Check out the list of amenities at the Club House at Digi Homes.

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