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Rent Out your Digi Home Apartment before it is ready

When you book your Digi Homes apartment through "House of Investments - HOI" - Channel Partners with Emaar. You get a few distinct advantages in case you are planning to acquire the apartment for the purpose of rentals.

  1. Get an Instant Pre-Signed Lease for your Apartment along side the allotment of the apartment.

  2. Choose from two modules of Semi Furnished & Fully Furnished Option. Increase your Rental Income by more than 40% by signing up for the Expat Rental Program as much as 70K for 2 Bedroom & 85K for 3 Bedroom apartments. (Connect with us to find out more)

  3. Get end to end solution with Property Management from possession to interior work to renting out of the apartment.

  4. With HOI property managers on your side, you enjoy peace of mind with all refurbishment of apartment being taken care of every time the apartment falls vacant.

  5. Get uninterrupted rental renewals without having to get involved physically.

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