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Digi Homes OC Received - Offer of Possession Issued. Emaar Digi Homes Rent

The wait is over for those who have been waiting to take possession for their homes at Digi Homes. The Occupation Certificate has been received and the offer of possession is now offered. For anyone looking to buy the property after Occupation Certificate, this is a great time to own it. For those who are looking to move into their homes, this is time to rejoice and soon move into your home at Digi Homes.

Key Point to Remember:

  • Make Sure that your last payment accounts for the TDS of 1% on the overall amount paid to Emaar. In some cases, where TDS has not been deducted by clients, they should deduct the entire TDS before making the payment.

Emaar Digi Homes Rent

In case you are looking for Tenants for your Emaar Digi Homes For Rent, then please watch the video below. Emaar Digi Homes Rent should start following the possession. So, we can help you get the apartment ready for rent and find you a tenant as a single point of contact.


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