First time in Gurgaon - True Luxury 2 Bedrooms.

2 Bedroom Apartments in the past have been looked at as budget or economy homes by most builders and the consumer minds was also sort of affordability driven when it came to 2 bedroom buying in Gurgaon. However, this is the first time in Gurgaon that we are witnessing a complete change in the product offering as well as the change in the perception of the home buyers for 2 bedroom category.

First things first, there are no "True Luxury 2 Bedrooms" in Gurgaon as on date, that leaves a huge void for the discerning buyers who do not want to maintain large homes and would like to live a comfortable as well as a luxurious lifestyle in a more manageable 2 Bedroom Apartment. Gone are the days, when people were looking at things like bedroom sizes as a decision driver. Today's new age successful entrepreneur or a successful professional is looking to own a 2 bedroom pad in Gurgaon as the base home to come back to, while open to experience and explore the whole world as his/her playground.

With the dynamic lifestyle and global opportunities opening up for professionals, no longer they are wanting to be bound by owning large assets, and rather have a manageable 2 bedroom home in the base city and own and acquire assets in other parts of the world, where they may be stationed and working from.

One of the most interesting thing about these 2 bedroom apartments is the demand that is going to come up specifically from the Expat Community living in Gurgaon. With over 20 years of research in Expat Leasing, we have realized that most Japanese & Korean Expats live as single people in Gurgaon and they are always in search of good quality 2 bedroom apartments, while the existing 2 bedroom communities like Ireo Skyon and Ireo Grand Arch offering semi luxury 2 bedrooms are in huge demand from the expat community and have been leasing out at about 75k to 80k as fully furnished options, taking cues from this, it is safe to say that a fully furnished 2 bedroom at Emaar Digi Homes would be able to lease at a price not less than 85k to 90k per month, making this an ideal investment for creating a rental income that can take care of most of the EMI payment as well. The special tie up with Vaya Homes to create and to convert the apartments into Expat Homes as well as leasing services is a sure winner for anyone loking to invest in Digi Homes.

While most of the luxury segment of communities offer larger apartment sizes, The 2 Bedrooms at Emaar Digi Homes become a very interesting buy for young professionals as well as for aging folks who would like to retire in style without having to take up the stress and burden of managing large spaces.

Check out what is being offered at the 2 Bedroom Digi Homes and you will be pleasantly surprised.

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