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Logical Reason No. 6 - Market Buoyancy

If you look around Digi Homes, you will notice that prices of all other projects which are less luxurious in the ready to move market have started moving up. Not just that, in fact if you look around hunting for even an under construction property around the location of Emaar Digi Homes, you will realize that the prices are much higher than what is being offered at Digi Homes.

Experts believe that the residential apartments on the Golf Course Extn. Road are likely to find a support at about 15,000 rupees per sq.ft. This obviously is a great time to own an apartment at Digi Homes at about 12,000 rupees per sq.ft. price point, because sooner or later the residential market around this area is going to stabilize around 17,000 per sq.ft. Making Digi Homes a viable investment both for capital gains as well as for rental returns.


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