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Logical Reason No. 3 - Prime Location

Owning a home in a prime location is always a good decision, even if you feel that you are paying extra right now, it will eventually become an asset that is always in demand for buying as well as for rentals.

Golf Course Extension Road is undoubtedly coming up as one o the best areas to live and invest within Gurgaon. In fact, it is likely to become the epicentre of Gurgaon in times to come. Premium residential, commercial and hospitality landmark projects like The Grand Hyatt Hotel, WorldMark, AIPL Business Club are just a stones throw away from Digi Homes, making this as an excellent location for both investment as well as living or times to come. Digi Homes is located just off the Golf Course Extension Road, tucked away from the noise, yet having superb connectivity.

Apart from this, Golf Course Road like underpasses have already been sanctioned and are going to make the connectivity seamless on the GCE Road. Check this link for more details on development initiatives by the government in this area.


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