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Digi Homes & Trump Towers in the same vicinity? Is it true?

Generally speaking a neighbourhood gets established based on the various communities that exist within a particular area. In the case of Emaar Digi Homes, it is interesting to note the immediate neighbouring communities that are either existing or in the making are all upscale and luxury residences. Apart from this, the entire locality of Golf Course Extn. Road is fantastic when it comes to accessibility to all the major landmark locations of Gurgaon, primary being the Golf Course Road itself.

Talking about some of the key communities in immediate vicinity of Emaar Digi Homes, it includes communities like Ireo Skyon, Heritage One, Trump Towers, M3M Golf Estate, Pioneer Presidia & Pioneer Araya, while on the entire stretch of Golf Course Extn. Road. one can find other luxury residential communities like Mahindra Luminare, Hines Elevate, Ireo Grand Arch, Grand Hyatt Residences and many upcoming residential communities like Puri Project in Sector 61 all of these being Premium to Luxury segment.

One of the residential community that has always been associated with Super Luxury positioning is The Trump Towers, it is interesting to know that Trump Towers are not only just about 1.4 kms from Digi Homes, but also visible from most of the apartments at Digi Homes.

So, what does this really mean for an investor or for someone who plans to live at Digi Homes? Well, as an investor, it is interesting to note that any neighbourhood that is classified as a Luxury Neighbourhood, becomes more sought after, driving the demand and therefore the investor typically would end up making money on the investment. On the other hand, for an end user or someone who is looking to buy for living, the pleasure of living in a community that is considered as part of an upscale neighbourhood along with the capital appreciation both work out well. Not to mention the traction from Renters wanting to live in an upmarket residential location.


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