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Are there any Truly Luxurious 2 BHK Apartments in Gurgaon?

2 Bedrooms have always been considered as budget apartments in Gurgaon. Well, that is going to truly change as the futuristic Digi Homes 2 BHKs come into existence in Gurgaon. The best part is that there is no competition...Don't take our word for it !! Check out the logical sequence below and you will most certainly agree:

  1. No Truly Luxurious 2 BHKs in Gurgaon : At this point in time, there are very minimal or no truly luxurious 2 BHKs in Gurgaon. When we talk about luxury, its not about how much space you have inside your apartment, but more about the overall feel of the towers, the arrival experience and the overall construction quality and delivery of quality as per Global Emaar Standards. None of the 2 Bedroom Residential Communities offer the Arrival experience like Digi Homes. Imagine coming home and being welcomed by a Sprawling, Lavish Lobby Area on the Ground Floor. Isn't that anyone's dream !! And that too at an amazing price with a flexible payment plan. What more can one ask for?

  2. Location Advantage: The location of Emaar Digi Homes is absolutely a no brainer, these apartments are so well placed when it comes to location, that the location in itself is luxurious. Being on the prime Golf Course Extn. Road in Gurgaon in itself is a special asset to own. After the Golf Course Road, The Sector 62 of Extension Road is likely to become the epicentre offering quality housing and quality retail. The good part is the innovation that is going into construction in current times is even missing in older communities on the Golf Course Road, so your home will be with the times.

  3. Construction Quality & Technique: Imagine if all the walls of your home were build in the way the Ceilings are made. Feels Robust? Yes, Find out more about the most modern construction technique being used at Emaar Digi Homes and you will understand why we call this luxury of Quality.

  4. The Digital of Things: New Age homes are way ahead in technology as compared to the older homes in Gurgaon. Emaar Digi Homes gets it's name from being Digitally advanced homes. These fantastic 2 Bedroom Homes come with Voice Activated Controls for almost all the Gadgets that you have in the home, you can program it the way you like. What's more, there are many things that you can do remotely even before reaching your home. How cool is that !! (Optional Feature)

  5. The Façade: It may not be visible right now, but Digi Homes Façade is definitely going to be an head turner. With the backlit façade that looks chic, modern and stylish. You are definitely looking to become prone to envy from friends and family when they visit you at your Digi Homes Apartment.


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