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Perfect Home Office @ Emaar Digi Homes 3 BHK + Study

Current times have been challenging due to the pandemic scenario. A lot of things have changed in our lives, one of them being the way we work. But that hasn't dampened the spirit. Many of us now work permanently from home. While working from home may seem easier, in it's truth, it is not really that easy. First of all, the mindset has to be tweaked to bring to the understanding about this major change in lifestyle. The second thing that you definitely need is a space that is optimum for work within the home.

To be able to accomplish work goals properly, one obviously needs a space that is secluded and free of disturbances. At Emaar Digi Homes, one of the most interesting part is the the Study/Work Space/Home Office that has been carefully crafted keeping the current times and the future of work in mind. This space has been created in the 3 Bedroom + Study apartment and offers a large space close to the entrance of the home offering the privacy to work and also if need be, have business guests attended to in this room without disturbing the rest of the home and privacy. Its a spacious room, so one does get actual usable space.

The best part about this room is that it can be either used as a Home Office or can also be converted into a Kids Room or a Maids Room. So, it acts like a multi utility room. Check out the Video to see the room and come and explore the sample apartment.


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