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What is unique about the Facade of Emaar Digi Homes?

Building Façade is an extension of your home. Something that you and your guests would see on a daily basis when entering the community or while driving past. For years, this aspect has been ignored in Gurgaon, no matter how exquisite you may have made your apartment from inside, however, the building façade remains out of control for most home owners. Most buildings in Gurgaon look shabby from the outside owing to the lack of inspiration by the developer or the RWA.

At Emaar Digi Homes, for the first time in Gurgaon, the building façade itself is going to be a talking point. The reason is simple...The façade itself is inspired. With earthen colours used on the façade along with the design with a Back Lit panel running the entire length of the building, creating a beautiful lighting effect which is subtle and not loud. Thus creating a visual effect that is inspiring, welcoming and stands out from the crowd.

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