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4 Reasons why Digi Homes makes for a Great Investment & For Living

Every project has it's reasons for either being a great investment or not such a great investment. We believe that these 3 reasons why Digi Homes makes for a great investment.

  1. Location: One of the most important aspect while investing into any property is the location. Digi Homes scores 9 out of 10 on the location viability score. The primary reason for this is the key location of Golf Course Extn. Road, surrounded by prime retail and commercial buildings like Worldmark Center, AIPL Business Club and prime residential developments in the vicinity of Sector 62, being Pioneer Araya, Pioneer Presidia and nearby quality developments like Ireo Skyon. From a liveability point of view, Digi Homes is at a perfect location.

  2. Quality: Emaar building their first project after the demerger of Emaar & MGF is one of the key factors to look out for at Digi Homes. Emaar Digi Homes is likely to be developed as a flagship project for Emaar in Gurgaon, thus making sure that the Emaar Global Quality standards are met with. There are so many quality features that you can browse by when it comes to Quality at Digi Homes.

  3. Rentability: Digi Homes is likely to be a huge success with Expats moving to Gurgaon and wanting to live a quality life in Gurgaon. At this point in time, there are hardly any residential communities in this vicinity that can be truly labelled as Luxury in the true sense of the word, specially in the category of smaller size apartments like 2 BHKs & 3 BHK + Study. Most of the other luxury residential properties are too big in square footage to afford. Therefore making Emaar Digi Homes a very unique proposition. With the formal tie up with Vaya Homes, you can even get an ROI of up to 6% on your residential asset at Digi Homes vs. normal renting where the ROI is up to 2.5% in Gurgaon.

  4. Planning: Planning plays a crucial role in the overall development, Emaar has left no stone unturned to get the best in class talents from across the globe to develop this amazing residential community. Find out more about what went into the planning of Digi Homes to understand more in detail, why the planning at Digi Homes is superior than many other residential developments in Gurgaon.


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