Planning - Vision to Reality

Vision to Reality

It takes an expert to find those little things that truly make life better while designing a residential community. At Emaar Digi Homes, there is no compromise on the talent that has been picked to design and execute the development of these fine homes in Gurgaon. For Design & Architecture, Emaar India has appointed one of the leaders with a sustained top ranking Architecture Firm - Morphogenesis.


Find out what Mr. Manit Rastogi, The Founder at Morphogenesis has to say about the design aspect of Digi Homes in Gurgaon and his vision of intricate planning that has gone into the making of Emaar Digi Homes, Gurgaon.

"We designed this development to bring together three unique elements of living in Delhi (NCR), traditionally, the region has seen living in low rise bungalows in the vicinity, which has gone to become the de-facto standard of living in the region. Subsequently, we saw the emergence of high rise developments in the periphery of Delhi in towns like Gurgaon & Noida, with gated communities, centralized facilities, clubs, security, power etc. and so many ways that life has changed. Today, we are witnessing the inclusion of technology as becoming a huge part of the living with automation coming into play in a big way to make life pleasurable & convenient at the same time.


Digi homes has been conceived to bring together these elements beautifully, by including pleasures of living in a low rise bungalow, the advantages of community living, safety and centralized services of living in a high rise community, enhanced by technology with homes offering voice controls within the apartment and remote operations like unlocking the doors and operating your gadgets remotely at a push of a button or even just by way of a voice command. All this to enhance the living standards and being with the current times of technological advancement.

As far as the design goes, the project has been designed with individual well spaced out towers. Each tower consisting of 4 apartments to a core/on each floor. While designing the Digi Homes Apartments, we kept in mind that we would like to provide three side open apartments irrespective of the size of the apartment, allowing for more light and air into each apartment. At the base of each tower is located a lavish lobby area along with some element of central facilities like a business center, a creche or in some cases a casual gaming experience, which is over and above the lavish club that is provided as a retreat for the residents, how this makes it unique is that one doesn't need to leave the individual tower to go to the club, but rather enjoy some features within the tower lobby level itself, in effect expanding the apartment's living space to a much larger extension of the home.


Three towers come together in this phase 1 of the development along with a club which is unique, it has an infinity pool which gives it a much desirable resort style feel within the community. Each tower has been designed keeping in mind access to winter sun and the positioning of the towers has been creating to create some of the useable areas that remain in shade during the summer months, allowing for a perfect setting to enjoy the outdoor landscape to be used throughout the year. Apart from this, the buildings have been oriented in a way to harness the monsoon winds, but block out the harsh summer winds. All this put together, makes Emaar Digi Homes a unique experience to live in and we hope that it will bring to the fore the first in High Rise Living with enhanced technology."