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3 Bedrooms Sold Out & Limited Inventory Left in 2 Bedrooms

At Digi Homes, the sales have been rocking !! Thanks to thoughtful apartment layout and the quality of finishes offered. While the 3 Bedroom Apartments are all sold out and available only in the Resale Market. There is limited inventory in 2 Bedroom Apartments at good location within the community.

Key Advantages:

  • Well Planned yet Compact Manageable Apartments

  • Flexible Payment 60:40 (On Possession/OC)

  • Modern Lavish Club Facilities

  • Central Location - Golf Course Extn. Road.

  • High Rental Yield - Find out More

  • Large, High Quality Commercial Buildings at Walking Distance. - AIPL Business Club & WorldMark are rated as one of the best commercial buildings in this vicinity.

  • Superior Arrival Experience with Five Star Styled Lobbies.

  • Vehicle Free Landscape Zone for convenience.

  • Emaar Credibility.

This is a perfect time for you to invest in this fantastic 2 bedroom apartment option for creating a quality asset and good rental income. Find out what to expect from a 2 bedroom apartment at Emaar Digi Homes here. It is advisable to pick your location while they last to make sure that you get the best location within the 2 bedroom apartment.

Call Today !! Fix up a site visit and view the show home at Digi Homes.

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