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Any one would kill to live with a view like this?

Why do we address the 2 Bedrooms at Digi Homes as The Only Luxury 2 BHK Apartments? Well for starters, you will agree after taking a look at the views from these 2 bedroom apartments in Digi Homes. Where else do you get a view like this? Doesn't even feel like you are in Gurgaon !!

Anyone who has lived in high rises in Gurgaon and has explored living in both lower floors and higher floors, will surely agree with complete conviction and can confidently say that there is nothing better than living on the higher floors to enjoy the stunning views, absolute privacy and the cleaner air with less pollution and lesser bugs to deal with.

The question is how many communities offer high rises in 2 bedroom offerings? At the prime location of Golf Course Extn. Road? Well, very limited, and even if there are, they do not offer luxury specifications as offered at Emaar Digi Homes. Well actually, looking around Gurgaon 2 bedroom scenario, it may well be safe to say that Digi Homes 2 Bedroom Apartments are "The Only Luxury 2 Bedroom" offering. Another very important aspect is the experience of walking into super luxurious lobbies and then arriving at your 2 bedroom apartment, that too, is missing in any of the other 2 bedroom apartments offered currently in Gurgaon.

Well, don't take our word for it !! Come and explore the actual apartment to see for yourself and if you can relate to the space and offering of the luxurious 2 bedroom apartment at Digi Homes.

Here is The Actual View from one of the 2 Bedroom Apartments at Digi Homes.

Come & Explore the Site & Sample Apartment

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