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Logical Reason No. 7 - High Rental Yield

One of the most interesting logical reasons to own this luxury 2 bedroom apartment at Digi Homes is the fact that it is definitely going to prove to be a very high rental income asset. How? Well, we have it all tied up for you !!

Via Homes is a expat accommodation company that specializes in creating curated homes for expats, keeping their specific needs in mind. The homes curated by Via Homes are minimalistic while they address all the desirable needs that expats are used to back home.

When you buy an apartment at Digi Homes, we can connect you to the Via Homes team who have estimated a rental of about 85k to 90k for a fully furnished 2 bedroom apartment at Digi Homes for their expat clientele. Thus making this a high rental yield asset that is likely to take care of most of the EMI in case you plan not to stay yourself.


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