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Logical Reason No. 4 - Flexible Payment Plan

When you buy a ready to move in property, you need to make the entire payment upfront and get it registered, but that is not the problem, the issue is that you end up buying an old property which has already been in existence for a while now. Not just that, another important factor is that the new properties are coming up with many added features, facilities and modern construction techniques that are far superior than the older buildings.

Considering that the apartments at Emaar Digi Homes are going to be delivered in the next 4 to 5 months, it opens up a great opportunity to own an apartment with the flexible payment option of paying about 60% now and balance on possession or occupation certificate.

This kind of payment plan obviously takes away the load off of you for paying rentals as well as EMIs at the same time. You can better plan your cash flow with the flexible payment options available at Emaar Digi Homes.


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