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Did you know about Fire Resistant Doors?

Digi Homes as a community is as much aesthetically designed for quality living as much it is for safety and security of the residents. Small, thoughtful touches like a Fire Resistant Door that can possibly withstand fire outside the apartment for over an hour is just one of the interesting things that your Digi Homes apartment is equipped with.

Just in case of an unforeseen tragedy, it is important that the there are apt barriers to withstand a disaster. At Digi Homes, the main doors of the apartments, irrespective of the size of the apartments are special. These doors first off are heavy duty doors unlike flimsy doors that many other residential communities in Gurgaon offer. But that's not all, these doors have been tested for resisting Fire for over 1 hour to make sure that the residents get sufficient time to escape or make some other arrangements to escape a tragedy.


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