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Unique Proposition - The only Luxury 2 Bedroom on Golf Course Extn. Road.

While there may be multiple apartments offering 2 bedrooms in Gurgaon, and also on the Golf Course Road, however, there is an interesting unique proposition at the 2 Bedroom Apartment at Emaar Digi Homes.

Unlike other residential developments offering 2 Bedroom Apartments, which are more often than not semi premium or economy, at Emaar Digi Homes, the scenario is completely opposite for the 2 Bedroom Apartments. Starting from the whole experience of a luxury community at a luxury location and the living experience is all created to bring out a luxurious lifestyle even in a 2 bedroom apartment. There is no other residential community offering an entrance experience of 5 star lobbies in the 2 bedroom category.

The fact is that these homes have been designed keeping in mind the changing needs of the consumers. Current trends reveal that more and more young successful professionals and entrepreneurs are looking for smaller, manageable apartments but with luxury living experience and that is exactly what Digi Homes 2 Bedroom Apartment has to offer.

The design of the apartment has been created keeping in view consumers who don't mind paying extra for quality and lifestyle. No wonder the apartments have mostly been flying with young successful Singles & Couples.


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